Otocac is situated on a quiet and clean river Gacka amidst Lika, surrounded by mountains of Velebit and Mala Kapela, in the midst of untouched nature. The city of Otocac owes its name to its location, it was built on a small island in the middle of the river Gacka, which led to the attribute of town that has never been conquered, and the epithet that it is small Venice, since the houses once stood on pillars above the river.

Today, Otocac entices visitors with its rich history and heavenly environment - close to the city is Sinac, with mills on springs of Gacka, where you can see how to grind the wheat, nearby is also a sanctuary for bears Kuterevo, ideal for a family trip, and for those looking for fishing, Otocac and its surroundings offer ideal conditions for the improvement of fishing skills.

True gourmets will also come into their own when, outside on fresh air, they taste traditional dishes from Lika, prepared with home-grown ingredients and by old recipes. A touch of tradition can be found at the Center for Traditional Crafts where, in the workshops, you can learn secrets of processing wool, wood and textiles, and all about the history of the area, dating back to pre-Roman times, will be found at the county museum.

To enjoy Otocac and its surroundings, it is enough to go for a walk or a bike ride down the arranged paths, and enjoy in the smells and views of beautiful landscapes, where a tame field and high and serious mountains meet, which will leave each visitor breathless with its beauty.